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55 dub

This is my 1955 VW Beetle, I bought it about 3 years ago in stock condition and have given it much love along the way. Upgrades: Roofrack, custom fabricated 4" narrowed, adjustable linkpin beam w/ custom shock towers, og Porsche Fuchs 6J's all around, American style front and rear bumpers w/overiders all German metal no repro parts on my rides. I daily drive my dub about 9mths out of the year summer in Phoenix Arizona is rather brutal, can get up to 120 degrees usually around 110 in the summer though... I rescued this dub from a dealership in Avondale, Arizona called Luxury Motorsports, which had attempted to restore it... they stripped it's og interior (lame) and sent the seats out to be redone never to be seen again, luckily I had an extra pair of 65-67 lowbacks at home to install, the engine was in poor running condition bad tune job by their mechanic, but I knew I could take care of that pretty easily, so I talked them down to $5000 and drove it home, poor 36hp 1200cc engine couldn't even get up to freeway speeds at that time now I cruise at 80mph... Needless to say this is not my first Vdub and won't be my last either. More details to come soon...

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